housing issues affecting the baby boomer generation

Telehealth and Technology Bring Health Care into the Home

By Reese Fayde / June 2, 2022 /

Until recently, the challenges associated with aging — like slowing motor reflexes affecting driving and the ability to get one’s self to a doctor’s appointment or the grocery store — have created a barrier to aging at home. However, a recent Brighthouse Financial report examines advances in technology and its ability to remove some of…

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Home Health Care: Is it the Right Option?

By Reese Fayde / May 26, 2022 /

According to an AARP survey from November 2021, some 77 percent of people aged 50 and older want to remain in their homes as they age. If you want to age in place, then most likely, you’ll eventually need some sort of in-home care. As a general rule, home health care is less expensive and…

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The Key to Aging in Place: Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

By Reese Fayde / May 19, 2022 /

Homework. It has been a long time since we last had homework assignments. But when deciding whether or not to age in place, you will be faced with a lot of homework! The key is preparation, and completing your homework early will help you make an informed decision on how and where you want to…

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Is Aging in Place the Right Decision?

By Reese Fayde / May 12, 2022 /

Many Baby Boomers find the idea of “aging in place” — staying at home as you age — to be an attractive option. In fact, the latest research from AARP says some 76 percent of adults age 50+ want to remain in their current homes as they age. Making the decision on whether to age…

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What’s in a Name? Everything!

By Reese Fayde / May 6, 2022 /

What, exactly, is Third Chapter Living? What’s behind it? Why is it the name of this blog? Simply put, Third Chapter Living is rooted in the idea that we are continuous learners; that there is no specific time of life that is best for learning; and that what we learn as we enter our “Third…

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Third Chapter Living – A Time for Change

By Reese Fayde / April 25, 2022 /

There is a point in our lives when “what’s next” isn’t so obvious. For Baby Boomers, this can be an especially unsettling moment. Demands of parenting and careers drove us for more than 40 years (talk about a habit!). Many of us dedicated time and resources to issues of concern — like community, justice, and…

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