Lifestyle Choice Made, Now What?

After all the planning, budget examinations, and conversations with family and close friends, ultimately, we all have to make decisions on where we want to age — at home? In a continuing care community? In an active adult community? And if seniors want to age in place, what’s next? There is a morass of options to wade through. Luckily, there is also a variety of services to help make the decisions easier — and the living better!

Humans Helping Humans

Rather than tackling — or having a loved one tackle — contacting the many local community and health care services and locations to find care, there are companies whose sole existence is to help older adults get the services and care they need. One of the largest is A Place for Mom.

A Place for Mom is a free service that makes its money from its participating communities and service providers — after a client has chosen a place or service. Its advisors are not compensated based on the community chosen; rather, they are paid to help a client and their family find the right solution for them. It simplifies the process of finding older adult living and home care solutions with specific, personalized guidance. Even after a move or home arrangements are made, A Place for Mom advisors are available to answer questions, help weigh new options, and more.

Although its website emphasizes finding the right senior living arrangement for older adults, it also connects seniors to local service organizations. The advisors work with each client and their loved ones to assess their needs and find the right solutions, including aging in place with services.

A Guide to Aging in Place Services

There also are subscription-based services similar to A Place for Mom that specifically deal with helping older adults age in place even after health concerns set in. One example is NaviGuide, an Ohio-based service (currently available in certain counties) that provides trained service coordinators to arrange and manage a variety of services that help older loved ones continue to live well and remain independent. The coordinators help Baby Boomers navigate healthcare options and link them to community-based aging services. Coordinators also can provide recommendations and coordinate assistance following a return home after surgery. Perks of the $249/month service include 24/7 NaviGuide call service; coordination of transportation and setup of food and prescription home delivery; scheduling of household chores, repairs and care; connection to benefits and services that Baby Boomers qualify for but may not be aware of; and explanation of other options, as needed, including various senior living communities.

Concierge Services for Seniors

A totally different example of helping seniors age in place is a unique Washington, D.C.-based service called Agewise Home. A concierge services for seniors, it was founded by Florence C. Macauley in 2019. Agewise Home provides home modification consultations as well as care consultations and concierge services within a 20-mile radius of the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.

Agewise’s mission is to advocate for senior citizens, people with disabilities, and veterans by providing them with high-quality, non-medical concierge and consulting services. The goal is to enhance clients’ quality of life and ensure accessibility in their homes and communities. It offers consultations for dementia care, home safety, and post hospitalization care and needs. Its concierge services include wellness checks, smart support, errand services, house cleaning and laundry services, medication reminders, professional organizers, and handyman services.

Whether you’ve already made a decision, or are still trying to figure out how best to age in place, area services are available to help ease the process — and help you get back to your Third Chapter Life!

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