housing issues affecting the baby boomer generation

‘Good Fences Make Good Neighbors’

By Reese Fayde / July 24, 2022 /

“Good Fences Make Good Neighbors” is a familiar saying that poet Robert Frost made popular. Originally a common sense expression of the need to have clear boundaries between properties so that neighbors remain amicable, today it can apply to a number of situations, including aging in place. Boundaries in the form of written agreements and…

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How are You Really Feeling?

By Reese Fayde / July 19, 2022 /

In last week’s blog, I introduced some of the benefits of senior shared housing. This week, I want to focus in on one particular area that often gets overlooked: state of mind as well as wallet. Many baby boomers who never thought they’d want a roommate have changed their minds due to finances — and…

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Senior Shared Housing Trend Boosted by COVID-19 Pandemic

By Reese Fayde / July 10, 2022 /

The idea of senior shared housing — older adults sharing a home or apartment — is not new. Felix and Oscar of 1960s Odd Couple fame and The Golden Girls sitcom of the ’80s are two media manifestations of shared housing. And New Retirement notes that around 2010, national news outlets began reporting an increase…

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Expanding Boundaries: Income & Assets Rethink

By Reese Fayde / July 1, 2022 /

In modern society, the Third Chapter time of life — when you are over 55 and demands of family, career and community have lessened, leaving you with more time to explore new or forgotten directions — is longer than ever before. The Social Security Administration notes that currently, men are looking at more than 18…

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Asset Retention: Easier Said Than Done

By Reese Fayde / June 25, 2022 /

We are going to take a little sidestep from our focus on housing to reinforce the importance of retention of assets and sense of personal agency when building an aging-in-place life plan.  Lunch Lesson for Living My childhood friend and I were meeting her aunt for a long-planned lunch downtown. The aunt had been a…

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