housing issues affecting the baby boomer generation

‘PadSplit’: A New Day for an Old Idea

By Reese Fayde / December 12, 2023 /

An interesting concept that currently is aiding low-income and working class people in 18 states across the country may hold a key to housing older adults on fixed incomes, and it’s based on a housing arrangement that used to be commonplace: the rooming house. Rooming House Nostalgia For hundreds of years, rooming houses — or…

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‘Pocket Neighborhoods’: Weaving a Community Together

By Reese Fayde / December 6, 2023 /

Last week, I introduced Dr. Bill Thomas’ Minka house concept that became part of his larger vision of creating communities comprised of smaller “pocket neighborhoods.” This week, I want to explore how pocket neighborhoods differ from standard living options. What are the upsides and downsides? And are pocket neighborhoods an answer for Baby Boomers who…

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Affordable, Age-Ready Homes Can Be MAGIC!

By Reese Fayde / November 28, 2023 /

In 2017, geriatrician-housebuilder Dr. Bill Thomas hit upon an idea to challenge the “big-box” style of senior living communities: modular, affordable small homes that reduced financial burdens and increased an older adult’s ability to stay involved in the local community. The houses, named Minka after a traditional Japanese concept meaning a modest rural house, were…

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Small is Big for Affordable Third Chapter Living

By Reese Fayde / November 14, 2023 /

In recent blogs, I’ve discussed the problem of housing shortages and the impact on Baby Boomers looking to rightsize. In light of the current housing market, this week’s blog returns to familiar territory but with a twist. Some of my early columns looked at ADUs and other tiny house solutions, which are largely individual responses…

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Starter Cars and Starter Homes — Future Extinct Species?

By Reese Fayde / October 30, 2023 /

An article from Discourse Magazine this month has given me pause. The article, “Starter Cars go the Way of Starter Homes,” discusses the reasons why both affordable options are fading commodities. The article made me realize just how important our voices — our Baby Boomer, Third Chapter Living voices — are right now. Only through…

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When Supply Doesn’t Meet Demand

By Reese Fayde / October 2, 2023 /

I’ve spent a lot of time in this blog discussing housing options for Third Chapter Living, including various ways to age in place through ADUs (or “granny flats”), cohousing, tiny houses, and adapting a family homestead to be aging ready. But with the housing shortage I discussed last week, options can seem limited. Currently, the…

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Intergenerational Living: New Name for Old Way

By Reese Fayde / August 21, 2022 /

During the height of the pandemic, multiple generations in families often were forced to live together, to lean on each other and look to one another for safety, community, social activities, and assistance. Returning to a formerly familiar way of life that past generations knew well,  extended families in the pandemic lived together, shared responsibilities,…

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Considering Cohousing? Three Big Questions to Answer

By Reese Fayde / August 6, 2022 /

Cohousing communities are a growing trend among seniors seeking aging-in-place options which offer extended independent living in a supportive community. Cohousing communities — and there are some 165 in the United States — provide companionship, a sense of neighborhood, and shared costs. Additionally, a cohousing community can offer a way to stay where you are…

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Co-Housing vs. Senior Co-Housing: I’m Confused, Are You?

By Reese Fayde / July 29, 2022 /

I thought that any kind of shared housing was all about sharing costs, but it’s also about finding community. Two SeniorLiving.org writers, Jeff Hoyt and Scott Witt, give us some insights on who should be looking at one particular kind of shared living, called co-housing: One of the primary concerns for the elderly is a…

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How are You Really Feeling?

By Reese Fayde / July 19, 2022 /

In last week’s blog, I introduced some of the benefits of senior shared housing. This week, I want to focus in on one particular area that often gets overlooked: state of mind as well as wallet. Many baby boomers who never thought they’d want a roommate have changed their minds due to finances — and…

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