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Local Public Programs Increase Success, Protection of Gig Workers

By Reese Fayde / June 6, 2023 /

There’s no doubt that the gig economy and gig workers are now an integral part of how society functions. As a result of gig workers playing vital roles, many advocacy groups, along with labor and union movements, are pushing for expanded rights for the independently-contracted gig workers. To date, not many states have responded, but…

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Gig Economy — Odd Name For Life-Blood For So Many

By Reese Fayde / May 30, 2023 /

Lately, “gig economy” and “gig workers” are phrases that have been tossed about in the news, thanks to app-based platforms like Uber, Task Rabbit, Fivrr and GrubHub, among others.  Gig economy has manifested itself in all fields of work from home repairs to health care to housecleaning, delivery services, and more. Various surveys have shown…

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