housing issues affecting the baby boomer generation

The Power of Rightsizing: Sharpening Mindset, Actions, and Communication for Success

By Reese Fayde / June 10, 2024 /

Life is about change.  We can’t control or even predict every element of our life, and we certainly should not dread or fear our tomorrows. The all too frequently heard concept of “downsizing” sounds like retreat, loss of possessions and identity.  Simplification perhaps, but little joy or celebration.  How about looking at this homebase idea…

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Don’t Downsize: RIGHTSIZE!

By Reese Fayde / May 29, 2024 /

When considering the future, too many older adults feel that, in making the decision to downsize, they are losing something: space, treasured possessions, proximity to familiar surroundings, friends and family, and activities they enjoy. But there is a different — and I contend BETTER — way to frame and view decisions about aging and the…

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